On behalf of Christina’s Flying Trainer swimming school, please accept this letter of recommendation regarding your services at the Regenstauf pool.

I took the opportunity to enroll Zoe in the Bambini swim class, followed by the Bambinikurs Aufbau Plus, which is a follow up class. I have learned of Christina’s Flying Trainer swimming school through others as well as her advertisement in the Hohenfels Spouses Page. The Flying Trainer swim school, was the only school I found in the closer vicinity of Hohenfels which allowed children under the age of 6 and 120 centimeters to learn swimming in a swim school environment.

Zoe learned the basic moves of breast stroke swimming in the Bambini swim class, which included the help of a parent or other assigned Adults. Once she learned the basics of staying afloat, she was able to attend the “Aufbau Plus” class, and was able to archive her goal of accomplishing the “Seepferdchen”or ”Seahorse”. This orange white emblem which can be sewn on swim gear, and a certificate makes it known to public swim places that she is capable of swimming 25 meters with no help as well as retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool. To round up her swim classes with Christina’s Flying Trainer Swim School, I enrolled Zoe in the Safety Swim class, which is defined as a course teaching children how to react if they would fall in the pool with clothing on, as well as getting a more secure feel and experience in other water scenarios.

Natascha Gray, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

I highly recommend Christina’s Flying Trainer swimming school to other parents, who want that their children learn to be safe in the water and learn how to swim correctly, which also means endurance. This program entered and finished will assure that your child knows how to be a safe swimmer for the future. Also, in the US the breaststroke is an advanced swim move and will benefit the little swimmer if enrolling into any US swim team. Christina is having both German and English speaking children in her courses, and with her being fluent in both languages it will be a great experience for your child.

Christina is such a wonderful, charismatic, energetic and enthusiastic trainer. I felt motivated and most of all accomplished after we were done with the customized exercise program that she made for me. I am not a gym rat & I dislike going to the gym, but choosing Christina as my personal trainer was the best decision I've made in 2015! I definitely recommend her, book her you won't regret it!

Ich kann Christina nur empfehlen. Sie steckt viel Zeit in ihre Ausbildung als Trainerin, wovon jeder profitieren sollte. Ich habe mich für ihr Personal Training entschieden, damit ich ein paar Trainingstipps bekomme, speziell im Freihantelbereich. Hauptberuflich bin ich Feuerwehrmann. Da ist es wichtig, dass man "richtig" trainiert und nicht seinen Körper kaputt macht. Jedes Treffen machte Spaß. Sie kann wirklich Leute motivieren, auch wenn man gestresst von der Arbeit zum Training kommt. Mir hat vor allem gefallen, dass Christina so unkompliziert ist, wenn es um Terminabsprachen ging. Schade, dass die Trainingseinheiten immer wie im Flug vorbei waren. Mach weiter so!
Christian B.

I am pleased and honored to be writing this referral for my very talented and professional personal trainer. I met Christina Williams in Germany back in 2010, when I was stationed there. We instantly became friends and also workout partners. She is a great personal trainer; she pushes you to your limits and does not settle for anything but the best from her clients. I worked hand in hand with her everyday and I was able to reach my goals in no time with her skills and her knowledge of physical fitness. She not only motivates her clients but she genuinely cares for them. She is an amazing personal trainer and I would recommend her to everyone and anyone who wants to see results. She is worth your time and money. She makes sure you get what u pay for and more. She loves to share her personal accomplishments' and is always willing to help her clients reach their goals. She will also share her knowledge on healthy alternatives and how to live a healthier lifestyle. She helped me reach my goals and was a great inspiration to continue to do so. I am now where I want to be and I continue to use skills and knowledge I gained while I was training with her. She's awesome!!!!
Rosa Mendoza

Christina has helped me overcome the fear of being that "fat girl" at the gym. She continues to motivate and be a positive influence in my journey to get back to being healthy and in shape.
Thanks, Meghan Heinen

Christina is a gem, both as a personal trainer and as a group instructor, and her passion to help people feel better about their body shines through in all her training areas of expertise. Anybody that gets a chance to train with Christina will quickly know that they have come to the right place! Her positive, energetic and encouraging ways will keep you going to the end without even realizing how she got you there.She continues to excel in her ability to learn, understand and apply the knowledge she gains from her professional studies, so she can then in turn train and educate her clients to stay motivated and excel as well.Christina will get you going, and keep you going even on a gloomy day!!
Sun Bonds

Christina is a wonderful swim instructor for kids of all ages and abilities. My three boys learned to swim independently and each earned the German Seahorse badge but they got so much more than that! Christina's positive energy makes learning to swim fun and exciting for each child. My daughter and I enjoy our time together at the mommy-and-me toddler swim class. Even at a young age, she is becoming comfortable in the water and is learning basic swimming skills. I am so glad I got the chance to meet Christina and to give my children this experience!