Aqua Bo-Di-Fit

(Aqua Body-Disco-Fitness)

Get in shape with the refreshing, joint-gentle and fun workout called Aqua Bo-Di-Fit.

Aqua Bo-Di-Fit is a full body workout, which is offered in the shallow water at chest height with and without equipment such as Poolnoodle and dumbbells to groovy modern disco music.

Interval training in the water is a very good fat burn method and tightens the tissues. The cardiovascular system is trained adequately. By Aqua Bo-Di-Fit the strength, flexibility and endurance is increased, promoting relaxation and the respiratory muscles and metabolism are stimulated. Aqua Bo-Di-Fit protects tendons, ligaments and joints, the spine as well as the hip. The burden is significantly reduced compared to other sports.

The modern Aqua Bo-Di-Fit Training is more fitness-oriented compared to classic water gymnastics and includes a number of aerobics, boxing and dance elements. Arms, legs, buttocks and the torso are trained equally. Especially the back and abdominal muscles are claimed. The weight of your own body is experienced more easily under the effect of reduced gravity and buoyancy to 10 percent.

Even beginners can use this safe and challenging water workout that trains stamina, figure shaping and is incredibly great fun.

A significant aspect of Aqua-Bo-Di-Fit is the fun of the common training experience in the group to brisk, modern disco music.

Come with friends to Aqua Bo-Di-Fit Water Party!

Even teenagers are welcome!

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