From approximately 8 months up to 18 months

These playful water experiences are very similar to those learned during the baby swimming lessons. The goal is for babies to have fun with their parents and the other children in the water. They are encouraged to be independent and to move in the water to refine their skills.

Some routines are the same as the ones from the beginner to toddler course, such as the same songs and circle games in the water. The children immediately remember the activities and feel at ease in the new course. The spiritual development is promoted by the intense parent-child contact and mutual confidence. The social development of the babies is also facilitated through shared experiences and close contact with their parents and other children.

Additionally, coordination exercises in the water increase well-being and the ability to concentrate. The course also involves playing with pedagogically sensible water materials, and builds up to swimming with floaties and various other swimming aids. The scope of the course is expanded from previous versions, allowing the child to participate in new and creative activities. Baby swimming is not swimming in the strict sense, but occurs in a different and more special playground! A better knowledge of water is developed through mutual trust, which can have a positive impact on learning how to swim faster later on.