= BASIC SWIM CLASS plus accompanied by an adult


  • necessary body and muscular strength
  • movement coordination
  • little to no fear of jumping into water and diving

It is important that children learn to listen carefully and attentively to the instructions. We also develop a group discipline that involves patience, consideration of others and rules/regulations around a pool.

The exercises being practiced cater to the peculiarities of the water. They jump, swim with tools, swim through hoops and conduct dexterity exercises with water sports equipment. They improve with swimming aids the already taught breaststroke exercises and learn to understand how to float in water. We will also continue to expand the diving.

Through new experiences your child will gain more confidence in their abilities. The exercises promote a sense of balance, movement coordination and muscle strengthening.

The regular contact with water helps children learn to assess situations and develop independence in the water. Each child will be supported individually. Some children might be able to receive the German "Seahorse" badge, which involves a 25-meter swim, diving to reach up an obstacle from chest deep water and a jump from the pool edge.

Please consider to not put your child under any pressure.