BAMBINI Swim Class

Starting at age three until four years - accompanied by an adult

Now that we have some water familiarization courses behind us, most children feel more comfortable and playful in the water. Fun and games are still a priority of this course, but it is also important that children learn to listen carefully and attentively to the instructions. We also develop a group discipline that involves patience and consideration of others.
Next, the common games that the children play cater to the peculiarities of the water. They jump, swim with tools, swim through hoops and conduct dexterity exercises with water sports equipment. Group singing and circle games are also part of these activities. Initially, buoyancy aids are used during breaststroke instructions, in order to learn and understand buoyancy and the effects of water resistance. During this stage, the fear of water is lessened and swimming becomes more fun. Diving is also increased during this course since the children have more confidence in their abilities.

The confidence of the children will be developed from an understanding of safety and through learning new exercises. The exercises promote a sense of balance, movement coordination and muscle strengthening.

Through regular contact with water, children learn to assess situations and develop independence in the water.

Durch den regelmäßigen Wasserkontakt lernen die Kinder sich und die Situation einzuschätzen, werden selbstbewusster und entwickeln im Wasser eine gewisse Selbständigkeit.