Ages about 10-12 weeks – approximately 8 months

What are the advantages of a water course for my child? This is a common question asked by parents and is answered in the summary of the Basic Baby swimming course. The baby already knows the element of water from being in the womb, and will relax in the warm water while enjoying time with their parents. Water habituation promotes movement, development and is fun for babies of ages 2-8 months. The babies simultaneously develop mutual trust, security and self confidence with their Mom and/or Dad. This course involves songs which allow babies to move rhythmically in the calm and balanced water, where new impressions and experiences are developed.

Next, water resistance exercises are conducted and children are pulled through the water. These exercises are controlled as the joints move smoothly and are massaged, which enables more locomotion possibilities not possible on land. Additionally, new freedom of movement is granted, which affects not only motor skills, but the overall development of the baby. Lastly, parents learn important and above all, safe handling and holding techniques. Your baby will experience enhanced movement in the water and will benefit from the intense physical contact and intimate relationship between baby and parents.