BASIC Swim Class


  • successful completion of one of my Bambini classes respectively meet and access their abilities
  • necessary body and muscular strength
  • movement coordination
  • little to no fear of jumping into water and diving

After the preparatory courses for water familiarization, the children are now mature enough to learn how to swim. The children recognize the sustainability of the water and lose the fear of submersion through games and movement tasks. They are now accustomed to the water and swimming is much easier for them. During this course the breaststroke is practiced more, with an additional focus on diving and jumping into the water. Additionally, fun and games are involved during perennial swimming.

This is where the children consolidate and improve their technique. During this course many children will become eligible for the "Seahorse" examination, which involves a 25-meter swim, diving to reach up an obstacle from chest deep water and a jump from the pool edge. It is important that children are prepared for this exam and are not pressured or overwhelmed. Next, is a focus on diligent practice!

After completion of the "Seahorse" exam, the presence of a parent is still necessary. The "Seahorse" swimmer badge is not a guarantee for safe swimming. Only the "Bronze swimming certificate" certifies that the children are safe in the water. In conclusion, the child should continue to consolidate the learned swimming skills and as often as possible. A once per week swim session is recommended and should be accompanied by an adult. Another option is to go visit our construction swimming lessons and our Safety Swim Classes!