Starting from ages 18 months

The warm water encourages children to live up their joy of movement. New techniques include ball games and skill exercises and movements that promote body awareness. Small courage tests such as jumping to accompanying parents and being thrown in the air are also part of this course. This is a playful parent-child water aerobic course and involves music, floating, swirling and other fun water activities as well as swimming with buoyancy aids. The goal of this course is to impact the development of the child through movement and joy in the water. Next, the course promotes physical resilience which improves immune system functions and helps prevent infections. Motor skill development and body control are promoted, which facilitate pronounced body feeling, breathing and muscle development. The child learns to trust the parents while being held in the water, which has positive effects during everyday life. Your child will learn mandatory water safety rules, such as behaving respectfully towards others and controlled movement in and out of the water. There are also positive experiences developed during the course, and the child increasingly feels safer in the water until old enough to participate in more advanced swimming lessons. Finally, the toddlers swimming course eliminates the fear of water and helps children become more familiar with the water. They will also learn how to swim faster than other kids their age. A joyful relationship between parent and child is intensified with ease, laughter and fun!