Terms and conditions of Flying Trainer Schwimmschule

1. Sign up – Registration and payments:
Registrations can be done in written form or online at the homepage: www.flying-trainer.com and are binding. Registrations are accepted in the order they have been received. The whole course fee amount is due after online registration

2. Course dates:
Flying Trainer Schwimmschule has the right to push the start dates of courses to the right or even cancel it, if not enough attendees have signed up. The parents, of course, will receive their payment back if the whole course is being cancelled.

3. Cancellation through Flying Trainer Schwimmschule:
In the event of a course cancellation (for example sickness of Instructor, technical problems pool etc.) the course attendee has no right of regress or refund. Class can be held at a later point of time. Flying Trainer Schwimmschule has the right to continue the class with another Instructor if needed and without notification.

4. Liability/Responsibility and behavior at the pool:
Parents are responsible for their children. Flying Trainer Schwimmschule is not responsible for any accidents, harms and injuries of people and their belongings at the pool before and after class. Loss and damages of personal items can not be claimed. The general policy of the pool has to be followed at all times. Pool entrance is only admitted if the class Instructor is present.

Parents are responsible before and after class that children do not enter the pool and water.
We exclude our liability for slightly negligent breaches of duty, provided these are not contractual obligations, damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health or guarantees or claims under the Product Liability Act. The same applies to breaches of duty by our vicarious agents. For the behavior of escorts or their security, we accept no liability. The rules and regulations of Eckert Physiofit have to be followed.

5. Sickness or no-show of course attendee:
Due to sickness or no no-show of course attendee the course fee will not be refunded. A missed class can not be claimed. If possible, Flying Trainer Schwimmschule tries (for the maximum of one class) to reschedule the attendee in another class (for example due to vacation and if it has been discussed prior course start) if space is available. This happens on goodwill of Flying Trainer Schwimmschule. A rescheduled appointment for a class that is being missed again can not be claimed at any other time.

6. Cancellation:
Cancellations will be only accepted 2 weeks prior to course start and have to be done via email or in written form. A cancellation/reservation fee of 25,00 € per course and per child will be due. The cancellation/reservation fee of 25 € is due immediately. Later cancellations can not be accepted and the complete course fee amount will be due.

last update: 02.12.2016